Among the other available products there's our bottle of MASHED TOMATOES 100% abruzzese, perfect for the most delicious recipes and for everyday pasta


orecchini pasta grano duro cappelli
  • Tomatoes grown and processed in Abruzzo
  • 500 gr bottle
  • Cooking for 15 minutes
  • Art. 012

Only tomatoes from our garden, the best types chosen for their firm pulp and for their sweet and delicate taste, such as tomatoes "a Pera", "Cuore di Bue" type and our specialty "Rosa" type. To keep intact flavors, aromas and nutritional properties, the tomatoes are picked and carefully selected by hand in July, August and September at the right level of ripeness. After washing and a second selection, the tomatoes are removed from the skin, then shredded and passed. The product is then brought to high temperatures, bottled and pasteurized to ensure stability over time. All that without added additives


Made in Italy with Italian tomatoes without pesticides and chemical fertilizers