D O U G H   A N D   R I S I N G

  • The use of brewer's yeast makes it extremely easy to raise, accelerating the process, thanks to an alcoholic reaction (in which yeasts, eating sugars, generate ethanol and carbon dioxide, so gas bags trapped in the elastic mesh and glutinous, that evaporating in baking swell the dough)
  • While mother yeast, in addition to improving organoleptic and nutritional properties, facilitates the digestibility and assimilation of proteins and trace elements from our intestines (not through the swelling phenomenon for the interaction between gluten and gaseous substances, but because of the lactic fermentation)
  • With the mother paste, the word leavening is not correct, as it is the action of lactobacillus lactic bacteria, emphasizing the qualities of whole grains, above all
  • Thanks to the greater acidity of the mother paste, the bread produced is more crisp and durable over time